Giving Back: 6 Ways to Give Back to Your Community in 2016

As most business owners know, giving back to the community is a major part of being successful.  This is because it increases a business’s public image, and it helps them get their name into the community.  On top of the benefits to the business, there is the obvious benefit of helping those in need, no matter what that cause may be.  Some businesses struggle with what is considered “giving back” and how they can accomplish this in a way that is best for them.  Of course, choosing a cause that is important to the owner, the business, or the employee is a good place to start, but for all you business owners who need ideas on how you can increase your “giving back” status in 2016, we’ve created a list.

  1. toysParticipate in Food, Coat, and Toy Drives – Around the holidays (or really any time of year), it is common for businesses and schools to hold drives collecting canned goods, toys, or coats to donate to food banks, Toys for Tots, and other non-profit organizations.  As a business, you can ask customers and employees to bring in donations to a collection box, which will then be brought in bulk to the organization. 
  2. Sponsor a Sports Team – Many youth sports teams need sponsorship in 1436506706z9zo4order to be able to play.  They need funds for things like organization fees and uniforms, and most of the time team sponsors get the opportunity to have their business name on the team uniforms.  This doubles as both fulfilling social responsibilities and advertising.  Check with your local rec center for sports teams in the area who still need sponsorship. 
  3. Sponsor a Charity Event – Since charities are obviously non-profit, it can be difficult for them to get funds for events to raise funds.  Because of this, they tend to ask local businesses for donations (monetary, gift baskets, gift cards, etc).  These donations are usually to help with the fees for the event or to have items to raffle off and make money off of raffle tickets.  Restaurants can usually even donate food for the event if they can do so.  The amount of opportunities like these are vast because so many charities exist, and they are constantly holding fundraisers in order to keep running.  If charities aren’t coming to you looking for donations, find a local charity or upcoming events that are meaningful to you or your business and see how you can help. 
  4. Donate Services – Depending on your industry, there are tons of opportunities to donate services for a charitable cause.  If you’re in the foodremodeling or construction industry, you—and some of your employees—could donate services to Habitat for Humanity, and a restaurant could donate some restaurant space for events.  Pretty much any industry can find someone who needs what they do. 
  5. Hold a Contest – This is a fun way to be socially responsible.  Businesses hold a contest for employees, and the winner chooses a charity to which their winnings will be donated.  This can even be extended to holding a contest for customers by having a trivia contest or something similar.  Each customer pays to play, and the winner picks a charity where all the payments are donated. 
  6. Dine to Donate – This is a win-win for everyone involved (if executed correctly.)  If you have a B2C business you can offer to donate a percentage of each transaction back to an organization over a period of time (couple of hours, a day, a week).  Create material for the organization to distribute to people to come out and help support their cause.  Be sure they are in file formats that allow for social media postings and/or can be easily printed.  

file9851348465775There is no wrong way to help your community.  The best way to stay socially responsible is to stay local and do what’s best for you and your business.  Try to pick something that means a lot to you, and help the community stand strong.  Have fun with it, and get your employees involved!   If you have questions about social responsibility for your business, need ideas, or even want donations for your event, contact us at Buffalo Wild Wings!