Let’s get ready for some FOOTBALL!

The greatest season for so many sports fans has finally arrived.  That’s right, FOOTBALL is here.  As excitement builds we want to give you some insight on the best way to enjoy the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES with us this season.

  1. As everyone is aware, staffing remains to be an issue. Please know our teams continue to work hard and they may need some extra time to assist everyone.  Your patience will be greatly appreciated.  Maybe order a backup right away if you know you’ll need it! 😉
  2. To help with your dining experience we now offer ‘Contactless Payment.’ Ask your server about this option when you are placing a dine-in order. Provide your cell phone number (and if you are a Blazin Rewards member you will be submitting that info anyway to receive points for your visit.) Upon giving them your number you will receive a text message to confirm your info. When you’re ready to check out click that text link and proceed accordingly. Easy peasy! And don’t forget to tip your server!
  3. We are back to full seating capacity, there are currently no mask mandates or seating restrictions but please continue to be respectful of people’s space. Let’s just play it safe!
  4. Ordering Take-Out?  We highly recommend calling your order in.  This way you can speak with a staff member directly and get a better feel on how long it will take to complete your order.  No one knows better how the kitchen is running than that front-of-house team.
  5. Still prefer to order online or via 3rd Party Delivery?  Our kitchens are rocking (with both dine-in & carry-out) 45 minutes to an hour before game time.  If you are able to plan around those times, please do so. It will help your order get executed more efficiently and help our team.
    Now kick back, grab your wings & beer and enjoy the game! We’re can’t wait to cheer along with you this season! Go Browns!!  🙂