Come one, come all…HELP WANTED!

Like so many establishments in Northeast Ohio, we are in great need of help!  The past few months have been a major struggle to fill hourly positions.   The question of the moment remains, ‘How do we overcome this ?’   And unfortunately, the answer still is, ‘WE DON’T KNOW!’  We feel we’re doing everything we need to attract top talent, competitive wages, safe & fun work environment, growth opportunities.  It just looks like it’s going to continue to be a slow process…ugh!

No matter what, we will keep on keeping on and will do whatever we can to see that you enjoy the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES at our Sports Bars.  We are writing this today to thank you for your continued patience. Please know, our teams are working hard and will do whatever it takes to serve you best.  We appreciate every time you join us. 🙂

Help us spread the word, if you know anyone looking for a full-time job or side hustle, send them our way!